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Everything About E-Cigarettes and Why you Should Care

The introduction of E-cigarettes in the market in the year 2003 was majorly done for smokers to quit smoking. The early versions of this e-liquid primarily came from China and were easily sold online. The sales of e-cigarettes exponentially grew over the last few years and have certainly become an aid for the smokers to quit, in several countries. Nevertheless, an idea where the smoker is able to take in tobacco but with not as much intensity is a welcome change, however, the popularity of e-cigarettes does raise questions on whether if it’s safe or just a getaway for youth.

As science happens to be a flux state and which evolves rapidly, the medicine report, engineering, and The National Academy of Sciences reviewed about tobacco and e-cigarettes. Both the reports that were acknowledged gave evidence that e-cigarettes are comparatively less risky to combustible tobacco, and must not be used as a getaway by the youth. Both the reports also state that e-cigarettes contain certain constituents which do have a negative effect on the health.

Further research done on the uses of the same concludes that the usage of both tobacco and e-cigarettes are done almost in the same manner. The longitudinal studies also suggest that it is like a transitory phase where the smoker either moves away from tobacco or relapse back if they do not like e-cigarettes.

  1. The best method to quit smoking
  • Behavioural counselling happens to be the most efficient treatment including verenicline, bupropion, and therapies that replaces nicotine
  • Although e-cigarettes are not an effective method, but smokers of tobacco who find it impossible for them to quit can start with e-cigarettes.
  • E-cigarettes can also reduce the urge for smoking as it delivers nicotine in a limited way which can help withdrawal from cigarettes
  1. Type of e-liquid or e-cigarettes than can be used
  • There happens to be various models for vaping that delivers nicotine and flavours in different levels
  • The more advanced models of e-cigarettes efficiently deliver nicotine, but less than tobacco. Carefully understand and read the recommendations of manufacturer for its care and uses. The device must come with full instructions, and if in doubt always contact its manufacturer.
  1. How to use the e-cigarettes
  • Daily usage has proved to be more effective than intermittent usage.
  • Practice is required for the device to be used properly in order to check the nicotine intake so that the urge to smoke is relieved.
  • Avoid the dual usage of e-cigarettes as well as cigarettes with tobacco
  1. Where to make use of e-cigarette
  • Several public areas does not allow e-cigarettes or smoking for obvious reasons.
  • However the risk involved with second hand vape happens to be lower from smoking, so it is advisable to do it in outdoor areas and not near people.

E-cigarette device must be protected from extreme temperatures be it right under the sunlight or freezing cold places. As it can damage the battery.

Post Author: Ron Rogers