Tobacco and Radioacive Chemicals
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Tobacco and Radioacive Chemicals

It will be surprising for both non-smokers as well as smokers to know that smoke of the cigarette consist radioactive particles. And as a matter of fact, once inhaled the particles are lodged inside the lungs and remain there. Polonium – 210 and Lead- 210 happens to be heavy metals and are poisonous, that’s present in the tobacco. Where are they coming from and what exactly are they?

Understanding Polonium and Lead

Uranium, when occurred in little quantity in nature, falls and breaks down and through radon gas radium is given out in the atmosphere. As this happens, the radon gas quickly decays forming polonium and lead. Radon gas happens to be the 2nd leading cause for cancer of lungs. Radon gases that are released through the soil can pass into buildings from open cracks in foundation. That is seriously the matter of high concern as people spend most of their time at home especially small children. If the radon gas concerns you then get the air of your house tested and if the tests results in positive, then going ahead with venting measure is safe.

Phosphate fertilizers are also home for radium gases and are usually used for tobacco farming which contributes to radioactive particles which contacts with plants of tobacco.

How tobacco inculcates polonium and lead

These tiny particles easily attach themselves to the tobacco plant through thousand numbers of hairs that covers the leaves bottom surface. In this manner, the transportation of radiation takes place from field to processing plant. Moreover, even after the tobacco leaves being washed, since polonium and lead are insoluble in the water, the removal of particles does not take place. Hence, inevitably the polonium and lead remains in the finished products of tobacco which consumers consume. Ultimately, a smoker’s lung becomes home to these particles.

Thirdhand Smoke Toxins

It is basically a particulate residue released by cigarette smoke that lingers in atmosphere and gets settled on the surfaces of enclosed places. It surprisingly carries the same amount of toxins that otherwise secondhand and mainstream smoke do. This proves to be a threat for children who touches the walls or tainted surface and gradually takes their fingers inside their mouths.

It is researched that polonium 210 is not absorbed in the manner of mucuous membrane or skin contact. However, when it comes to second hand smoke, it becomes hazardous if inhaled and in case of thirdhand smoke, if ingested.

No level of safety is enough when it comes to the exposure of tobacco and its smoke, even if one dose not smoke and he is exposed to such enclosed spaces than the risk factor for diseases are just the same as a smoker. Withdrawal from nicotine is a big and a tough decision and hence many also switch to e-cigarettes or e-liquids for that matter, as it minimizes the discomfort. Finding a group of people who are going through the same circumstance and talking to them about the same is a big relief and helpful for the ones who want to quit.…