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Why You Should Throw Your Best Friend An Electronic Cigarette Birthday Party This Year

As people get older, it can get harder and harder for them to find things to get excited about. This means that people will have to get extra creative when they are wanting to impress someone or when they’re wanting to surprise them. When someone has a birthday that is coming up, this can be a great opportunity for people to show them how much they care about them and to do something nice for them.

The only issue with this is that people might not know how to impress someone or how to make the occasion a special one especially as someone gets older. A great place for people to start is for them to figure out the types of things that someone really enjoys. For instance, if someone considers themselves to be a wine connoisseur, they someone could throw a wine themed party for them where everybody can taste different wines. So, for someone out there he loves nothing more than vaping, it may be an awesome idea for someone to throw their best friend an electronic cigarette themed birthday party with the best e liquid Australia products.


You should throw your best friend an electronic cigarette themed birthday party because it is such an original idea

As mentioned above, it can be really hard for people to come up for an original idea as life goes on. This is because people have usually come across everything at least once before which means that it can lose it’s magic. This is why it can be such a good idea to throw your best friend an electronic cigarette themed birthday party because it is such an original idea.

People can almost guarantee that no one has thought of this before and that the person at hand is going to be actually surprised and impressed. The great thing about this is that people can go as far as they want with it, and they can even have electronic cigarette decorations everywhere such as balloons. People could even set up a bar where people can sit and can try at different juices and flavours. When people do something as original as this, it is sure to be the talk of the town for a very long time and it may even inspire others to throw something that is similar.


People should throw their best friend and electronic cigarette themed birthday party because it is going to be something that they actually enjoy

Another reason why it can be so hard to celebrate with someone is because there are many people out there who consider themselves to be introvert and they don’t really like parties, especially ones that revolve around them. Having said this they will go along with having a party because they understand that certain things in life need to be celebrated. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t have something that is well curated to them, their personality, and their likes.

So, when someone is actually passionate about vaping, and this is something that they definitely enjoy, this means that an electronic cigarette themed party is also going to be something that they will absolutely enjoy too. This also means that the party is actually going to be about them and is going to be for them and that it is not going to be about everybody else. As it can be seen, there are a few different reasons why people should get a little bit creative and should consider throwing their best friend an electronic cigarette themed birthday party this year.…

Tobacco and Radioacive Chemicals
E-Cigarette and Vaporizer

Tobacco and Radioacive Chemicals

It will be surprising for both non-smokers as well as smokers to know that smoke of the cigarette consist radioactive particles. And as a matter of fact, once inhaled the particles are lodged inside the lungs and remain there. Polonium – 210 and Lead- 210 happens to be heavy metals and are poisonous, that’s present in the tobacco. Where are they coming from and what exactly are they?

Understanding Polonium and Lead

Uranium, when occurred in little quantity in nature, falls and breaks down and through radon gas radium is given out in the atmosphere. As this happens, the radon gas quickly decays forming polonium and lead. Radon gas happens to be the 2nd leading cause for cancer of lungs. Radon gases that are released through the soil can pass into buildings from open cracks in foundation. That is seriously the matter of high concern as people spend most of their time at home especially small children. If the radon gas concerns you then get the air of your house tested and if the tests results in positive, then going ahead with venting measure is safe.

Phosphate fertilizers are also home for radium gases and are usually used for tobacco farming which contributes to radioactive particles which contacts with plants of tobacco.

How tobacco inculcates polonium and lead

These tiny particles easily attach themselves to the tobacco plant through thousand numbers of hairs that covers the leaves bottom surface. In this manner, the transportation of radiation takes place from field to processing plant. Moreover, even after the tobacco leaves being washed, since polonium and lead are insoluble in the water, the removal of particles does not take place. Hence, inevitably the polonium and lead remains in the finished products of tobacco which consumers consume. Ultimately, a smoker’s lung becomes home to these particles.

Thirdhand Smoke Toxins

It is basically a particulate residue released by cigarette smoke that lingers in atmosphere and gets settled on the surfaces of enclosed places. It surprisingly carries the same amount of toxins that otherwise secondhand and mainstream smoke do. This proves to be a threat for children who touches the walls or tainted surface and gradually takes their fingers inside their mouths.

It is researched that polonium 210 is not absorbed in the manner of mucuous membrane or skin contact. However, when it comes to second hand smoke, it becomes hazardous if inhaled and in case of thirdhand smoke, if ingested.

No level of safety is enough when it comes to the exposure of tobacco and its smoke, even if one dose not smoke and he is exposed to such enclosed spaces than the risk factor for diseases are just the same as a smoker. Withdrawal from nicotine is a big and a tough decision and hence many also switch to e-cigarettes or e-liquids for that matter, as it minimizes the discomfort. Finding a group of people who are going through the same circumstance and talking to them about the same is a big relief and helpful for the ones who want to quit.…

Everything About E-Cigarettes and Why you Should Care
E-Cigarette and Vaporizer

Everything About E-Cigarettes and Why you Should Care?

The introduction of E-cigarettes in the market in the year 2003 was majorly done for smokers to quit smoking. The early versions of this e-liquid primarily came from China and were easily sold online. The sales of e-cigarettes exponentially grew over the last few years and have certainly become an aid for the smokers to quit, in several countries. Nevertheless, an idea where the smoker is able to take in tobacco but with not as much intensity is a welcome change, however, the popularity of e-cigarettes does raise questions on whether if it’s safe or just a getaway for youth.

As science happens to be a flux state and which evolves rapidly, the medicine report, engineering, and The National Academy of Sciences reviewed about tobacco and e-cigarettes. Both the reports that were acknowledged gave evidence that e-cigarettes are comparatively less risky to combustible tobacco, and must not be used as a getaway by the youth. Both the reports also state that e-cigarettes contain certain constituents which do have a negative effect on the health.

Further research done on the uses of the same concludes that the usage of both tobacco and e-cigarettes are done almost in the same manner. The longitudinal studies also suggest that it is like a transitory phase where the smoker either moves away from tobacco or relapse back if they do not like e-cigarettes.

  1. The best method to quit smoking
  • Behavioural counselling happens to be the most efficient treatment including verenicline, bupropion, and therapies that replaces nicotine
  • Although e-cigarettes are not an effective method, but smokers of tobacco who find it impossible for them to quit can start with e-cigarettes.
  • E-cigarettes can also reduce the urge for smoking as it delivers nicotine in a limited way which can help withdrawal from cigarettes
  1. Type of e-liquid or e-cigarettes than can be used
  • There happens to be various models for vaping that delivers nicotine and flavours in different levels
  • The more advanced models of e-cigarettes efficiently deliver nicotine, but less than tobacco. Carefully understand and read the recommendations of manufacturer for its care and uses. The device must come with full instructions, and if in doubt always contact its manufacturer.
  1. How to use the e-cigarettes
  • Daily usage has proved to be more effective than intermittent usage.
  • Practice is required for the device to be used properly in order to check the nicotine intake so that the urge to smoke is relieved.
  • Avoid the dual usage of e-cigarettes as well as cigarettes with tobacco
  1. Where to make use of e-cigarette
  • Several public areas does not allow e-cigarettes or smoking for obvious reasons.
  • However the risk involved with second hand vape happens to be lower from smoking, so it is advisable to do it in outdoor areas and not near people.

E-cigarette device must be protected from extreme temperatures be it right under the sunlight or freezing cold places. As it can damage the battery.…

Movies and Tobacco- The Current Struggle
E-Cigarette and Vaporizer

Movies and Tobacco- The Current Struggle

It is a known fact that adolescents get attracted to smoking or even e- cigarettes responding to the social influence, or emulating the lifestyle or behavioural pattern of family, friends or society. All this is something that we know yet we decide to ignore it on a daily basis, although there’s something which is sidelined completely and that’s the media influence. Youngsters enjoy watching TV or surf through the internet throughout the day. Home videos or movie channels makes it easily accessible for them to watch all kinds of stuff.

As teenagers watch films quite too often, they do watch movies or their favourite celebrity smoking in context of toughness (broken arrow), sexuality (Basic instinct), romance (the chase), and teenage rebellion (Romeo and Juliet), or to release stress (Girl interrupted).

The industry of films have been warned and criticized for such tobacco depictions on screen, but the representatives of the industry do not believe so. As no detailed studies states that tobacco or e-cigarette use, in movies gives rise to adolescents smoking.

MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), assigns ‘smoking label’ for certain pictures that do depicts tobacco use, along with other regular rating.

An essential downward trend had occurred in the films with tobacco use between the years 2005 to the year 2010, but later went on to increase till the year 2018.

Current movies have now started depicting the cooler version of tobacco and that is e-cigarettes. As this product comes in attractive sizes and shapes, it is becoming an increasing trend in today’s culture. Most of them have heating element, battery, and a spot for holding the liquid. They are known to have various other names ranging from e-cigs, mods, tank systems, vape pens, e-hookahs, vapes etc. Few e-cigarettes are made in a manner which completely resembles the pipes, cigarettes or cigar. Some flawlessly resembles USB, pens or sticks. Mods or tank systems do not resemble the real tobacco products.

Different movie companies have different number of portrayal for tobacco incidents. Like the incidents of tobacco use in youth related movies highly increased in 2010 till 2018, those companies are;

  • Fox
  • Comcast
  • Time Warner

And the ones that decreased the exposure of tobacco are;

  • Sony
  • Disney
  • Viacom

However, the data shows that the movies have not successfully challenged this policy and have been increasingly showing the use of tobacco in its movies, sadly increasing it up to the extent of 263%. This tobacco initiation done in movies has adverse effects on the adolescents and among the much younger generation looking up to them.

However, one cannot deny that there lies various opportunities for studious and movie industry to reduce the tobacco incidents by rating it R. Other kinds of interventions can be done by certifying that no payments are received by distributors and producers and hence end the portrayal of the same.

Local health and state departments could come together with state agencies and manage the movie subsidies and reduce the depiction of tobacco too.…

E-Cigarette and Vaporizer

Distinction in between E-Cigarette and Vaporizer

What are E-Cigarettes?

When electronic cigarettes were initially presented in the market, the primary objective of the makers and the online marketers was to make individuals accept electronic cigarettes. They were created in the kind of cigarettes; however, they worked on a battery.

As time passed on, they came out in lots of various and appealing colors and tastes. The first stages were non-reusable, and after that, later, they began having these exchangeable cartridges.

They are battery-powered gadgets and offer the users the choice of different nicotine strengths to pick from.

In earlier designs of electronic cigarette, you needed to hold the atomizer and press button to warm up the e-liquid.

Any e-cigarette includes three elements- a battery, a cartomizer, and a mouthpiece. That the battery powers the gadget, the cartomizer consists of the cartridge that is filled with the liquid nicotine, flavorings, and so on

What are vaporizers?

Vaporizers are the vaping gadgets that do not look like standard cigarettes.

Some gadgets look like a pen, they are called as vape pens. The vaporizers do not have non-reusable cartridges.

Vaporizers have more control functions that assist the vapers in accomplishing that best balance in between vast clouds of vapor along with a great throat hit.

Another distinction is that they have batteries having the more excellent capability. You do not need to charge them as frequently as you would have to cost an e-cigarette. They also are more prominent and bulkier in size, which shows you that can save more e-liquid in the vape tanks.

Significant Distinction between vaporizers and e-cigarettes

 There are some vast differences between the two kinds of gadgets. Vaporizers do not look like conventional cigarettes. E-cigarette appears like typical cigarettes; they are far more compact and smaller sized than vaporizers.

Each part of an electronic cigarette of a various brand name is different in their style; they are not suitable with other brand names.

A vaporizer allows you to personalize because they have gadget parts that work with the gadgets of other brand names too. You can produce your vape gadget according to your choices and requirements.

The start-up expenses for electronic cigarettes are much low, considering that they are essential gadgets and do not have numerous functions. On the other hand, vaporizers are the gadgets that are more intricate and might require financial savings in the start-up stage.

Vaporizers can supply you with more tastes, and you can produce your mix of preferred flavors. This is not possible in vapor cigarettes because you cannot blend or integrate various flavors.


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